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[Intro: Biggie sample]
“Yeah, this album is dedicated to all the teachers
who told me I’d never amount to nothing
For all the people who lived above the buildings
that I was hustling from that called the police on me
It’s all good, baby baby!
Cause I went from negative to positive and it’s all”

[Chorus: Fabolous] + (singer)
+Good Times+ like J.J. and them
It was, +G.O.O.D. Music+ like Kanye and them
It was, +Goodfellas+ like Henry and them
But nowadays good girls, there ain’t too many of them
(So if you a good girl, let me see your hands)
(Let these niggas know, every chance that you can)
(If you got that good good shorty, please raise your hand)
(You know its all good, she just need a good man)
If you smokin’ good good, nigga pass it to your man
Cause when you at your lowest gettin’ higher is the plan
Got somethin’ in my cup, feel good to be the man
And if it’s good money, tell ’em put it in my hand

I’m talkin’ good dudes, good vibes and some good food
Smokin’ good with a playlist full of good grooves
You know the shit you like to hear, like good news
A couple Meagan Goods came through, made the hood move
And slow motion for me
She be frontin’ like “Why all this commotion for me?”
They talk about her shit, like they doing promotion for it
But she single, cause they never show devotion for it
She ain’t never act too good for a nigga
But she losing faith, she don’t see no good in these niggas
She like why I get treated bad, but be good to a nigga
You do lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Fabolous - All Good lyrics download mp3 bad, you lose, too bad, good for you nigga
It was


She went +Cee-Lo+ with my Goodie Mob, yellin’ out I fall better
Life is a gamble, I was good luck for the betters
Take a risk nigga, you gotta shoot to miss cord kord chord Fabolous - All Good lyrics kunci gitar nigga
Time is golden like that Rollie on your wrist nigga
I hate when they gets figures then disfigured
And when niggas get salty, thinkin’ that shits sugar
Huh, that’s when good goes bad
That’s when niggas who just came home, could go back
So let’s keep the vibe right, keep the energy good
Them boys would sit you down player like a injury would
Then my niggas fuck with me before the Industry would
Ridin’ ’til the wheels fall off chords Fabolous - All Good lyrics lyrics and the engine no good
It was


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