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[Chorus: x2]
We all gone die baby so please don’t cry baby
we can unite one day up in the sky someday

[Verse 1: Prozak]
I know it’s hard when you lose a loved one
You wanna punch walls let the tears run
Don’t even know where these emotions come from
You gotta let them out before you become under
All these thoughts just flood your mind and you can’t take it back don’t hit rewind
Man it seems so black at the finish line
Life chords Prozak - Last Will & Testament lyrics lyrics burns so fast in the hands of time
We’re all born to die the one guarantee in life but the question is why
We’ve searched for years and the answers clear you gotta look straight up to the sky
It’s out of all control, of the final roll that it’ll make it hurt any less
Make your heart so cold, make a pain so bold, feel like you got a hole in lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Prozak - Last Will & Testament lyrics download mp3 your chest
Eyes vacant like an empty room
All you feel is dread impending doom
And your mood is consumed with dark and gloom
Just wish this pain would end soon
Why does everyone say the same cliches
Reminisce and pray for better days
All you really want us them to go away
Just wanna be left alone today
We all need to grieve in our own way
We got our own beliefs and that’s okay
We’ve all known it’s come to this someday
rolling down life’s desolate highway
We gotta make the best of it and stay connected
with the memories they’ll be our element
Cause one day it’s evident the evidence
will be the last will and testament

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Prozak]
You gotta keep them in your thoughts and prayers
Keep them close to your heart and move on from there
Celebrate their life and the times you shared realize that can’t be taken anywhere
Their now a part of your soul, through the highs and lows
And even when you think it’s out of control, they’ll be cord kord chord Prozak - Last Will & Testament lyrics kunci gitar right beside you
Like a light inside you, shining so bright to keep safe and guide you
People never really die their energy moves on
To another realm where we were conceived from
From the dark we were destined to become
Part of the rhythm of life hitting like a beat drum
Keep your head up and hold it high
Even through the worst y’all take it all in stride
Cause it is gift when you walk out alive
When you acknowledge that man you’ll be ready to fly
Only alive for a little where before
You gotta walk alone down the green mile
So get the most of life and then meanwhile
Never settle for less then you deserve child
It is all in your hands
Everything you demand
Everything that you get and everything that you planned
Everywhere that you go and everybody you know
And all the seeds that you plant you gotta reap what you sow
It’s a game of chess you gotta play to win
Before it’s all said and done like dust in the wind
And judgement comes from all ways just in
And we are long gone the earth will still spin

[Chorus x2]

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